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fx videoflat

A web application to create marketing videos for digital signage solutions.

Client: Fx-Medien GmbH



Users can create short clips in a web editor similar to well-known presentation software. Clips consist of up to three sequences which can contain multiple text and image elements. Both of which are animatable. When the user selects to preview a video it is rendered on a special render framework and encoded for HTML 5 video usage with H.264 in mp4-containers (and OGV for user agents like Firefox).
After succesfull review the project can be rendered for the final Full-HD-target and is then ready for download and placed in a private CDN for distribution.


As with most other web application projects we rely on the Grails webframework to build and bootstrap the application. The MLT framework is then used to render HD video footage, with tools like Handbrake CLI for video transcoding and Amazon Web Services for Distribution and Backup.