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Mountain Bike & RoadBIKE Werkstatt

We partnered with Motor Presse Stuttgart to build an iPhone app full of worthwile mechanics know-how for each discipline of cycling, both mountain biking and road biking. The app features comprehensive tutorials including detailed photography.

Client: Motor Presse Stuttgart



How do you change the inner bearings of your bike? Why doesn’t the chain run smoothly and why are the brakes squeaking again? The Werkstatt-apps answer all these questions. Detailed and to the point step-by-step instructions are accompanied by great photographs for each important action around your bike. As a neat bonus, there’s a list of necessary tools, ready to be checked off.

With the help of the editors of both MountainBIKE and RoadBIKE we collected mechanics know-how all around the bike and distilled it into many tutorials, with everything like difficulty and duration, grouped by categories such as drivetrain, brakes or chassis. The apps are available in English and German so each one suits international riders as well.


User Interface

Details matter. From the selection of easily legible typefaces to the crisp and clear rendering of the article photographs and thumbnails. We gave the apps their own distinctive look while not going too far away from known concepts.


We used the standard Apple iOS SDK to develop the apps. Inside they feature a vastly flexible structure for different tutorial applications - our own little app framework. It's largely powered by convention-over-configuration and uses JSON for everything containing data.